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How To Transfer Money From Zenith Bank With Mobile USSD

Ever gotten stranded somewhere sometime because of an empty wallet? It pains when you push the cart around the supermarket, enjoying your shopping and you suddenly run out of cash, I have had two or three shares of one of those experiences and I know how disappointing they are. What about when you expect to use the grocery shop’s POS after walking down the street and you get to find out you left your card behind, or the POS disappoint you? As a zenith bank customer, do you know you can save yourself from all the trouble by using their USSD bank transfer code? Read on.

What is the Zenith bank transfer code?

The Zenith bank transfer USSD code is the code from Zenith bank that allows you to perform easy and free mobile banking. With this code, you can go cashless everywhere and every time, you can easily pay for the things you buy in the market, pay your transport fare, and pay your bills. This code allows you to walk without the fear of being robbed of your wallet, just by using your phone. How can you have access to it? See below.

How to use the Zenith bank transfer code

Every Zenith bank customer is qualified for the mobile banking, but you must have gotten the mobile number to be used registered with Zenith bank, during or after the opening of your zenith bank account. It is important to know that the number you used for opening your Zenith bank account automatically becomes registered for mobile banking even without your conscience, so you don’t need to visit the bank for the registration anymore. But you can visit the nearest Zenith bank for another registration if you have an issue with your registered number; perhaps you misplaced it or something.


How To Use Zenith Bank Transfer Code On Mobile

The Zenith bank transfer code is *966*amount*accountnumber#. Let me explain better if I am to transfer a sum of ten thousand naira to the account number; 3040506070, which can be of any bank, I will type *966*10000*3040506070# on my phone then press the send button, and that’s all (easy and free). You will want to check your account balance after the transfer and that is also easy, just press *966*00# on your screen, a menu box will appear with the option to check account balance, click on the check account balance and you will be shown the balance on your account.

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Note that you can only use a phone number for zenith bank mobile transfer, so you should choose the best line and not a line with a poor network connection. What if your line was registered before knowing this and you did not like the line due to poor service rendered by the line? You can easily go to any zenith bank around you for complaint and get a new and better mobile number registered to be able to use the Zenith bank transfer code on it just like the former one.

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