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GLO, as a body, has remained to be the best service provider, both for calling and browsing. The calling rates are cheap and anyone browsing with GLO data can testify to this unfailing fact that GLO data lasts longer.
GLO was able to achieve this and more, through making available, cool tariff plans which are not only easy but also free to opt into, for their customers.

You might have been a Globacom customer for a long period of time or a new customer who wants to migrate to a certain tariff plan and do not know how to do so!.

You must have heard of amazing offers fellow GLO customers are enjoying and you want to enjoy the same!
You are reading this because you want to get into the world of “MOST BIGGEST FREE OFFERS EVER”

It is an easy guide, for a High school sophomore, for migrating to Globacom most crazy tariff plans ever! even for the men and women who had been marooned for three months in the desert.



The GLO 11k/s plan allows all prepaid customers (both new and existing) to call other GLO customers in Nigeria at a flat rate of 11k/s with no access fee!, while it also enables GLO customers to call other networks in Nigeria and 30 international destinations at a flat rate of 15k/s after the deduction of #5 access fee daily.

The 30 international countries are; US, Sweden, Spain, UK, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Romania, Reunion island, Rico, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Hong, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto, Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg and Malta.

These plans also enable you to send on-net SMS at #4/SMS, off-net SMS at #4/SMS and International SMS at #35/SMS. Plus, you get 10minutes free browsing EVERY MONTH! as long as you use your line every month, but this is after the first 30 days you get into the plan. The free data is valid for 7 days.

Migration code for GLO11K/S PLAN

Both existing and new customers migrate to this plan with the same simple code; *211#.


This is another cool plan from GLO. GLO customers on this plan can call other Nigeria networks at a rate of 22k/s, and at the same time gives customers the privilege to call 10 family and friends members which can even be from another network at a low cost of 11k/s.

This plan is the best for you if you need the best tariff plan for your business line.
All you need to do is to add your 10 chosen family and friends number after migration.

Migration code for GLO INFINITO

  • Dial *100*9*2#, then send to migrate
  • After migration, then you can add your 10 chosen family and friends number by dialing; *101*1*number#, then send to add.
  • For example; *101*1*07045637734#, then SEND, to add the number.


Globacom intentionally created this prepaid plan for customers who love to enjoy great bonus!.
The GLO bumpa tariff plan gives you 200% bonus on all recharges above #100 if you are a customer.

It gives 3 times the value of whatever you recharge back to you. So,when you recharge #100, you get #300, I mean #100 + 200%bonus = #300. On this same plan, on-net and off-net call rate are charged 50k/s.

Migration code for GLO bumpa

Just dial *100*10*1# then send and you are ready to enjoy great bonus.
Also, to check your GLO bumpa bonus, dial #122*2#.


The GLO jollific8 plan is for new customers only, it offers a great bunch of bonus. Old customers wish they could have access to this amazing plan too. but yes!, you can, you don’t want to be left out of the fun, so you will have to get a new GLO sim card to enjoy this offer.

Benefits Of JOLLIFIC8 Tariff Plan

Once you recharge from #100 above, you get a bonus to call all networks and another bonus for GLO to GLO calls.
This is it;
a} when you recharge #100, you get #50 to call all networks, #450 for GLO to GLO plus 25MB.
b} recharge #200 and you get #100 to call all networks, #900 for GLO to GLO and 50MB.
c} for a recharge of #500, you get #250 to call all networks, #2,250 for GLO to GLO calls with 125MB.
d} a recharge of #1000 fetch you #500 for all network, #4,500 for GLO to GLO then 250MB
e} when you recharge a sum of #5000, you get #2,500 for all networks, #22,500 for GLO to GLO calls WITH 1.25G.

Do you know you can also transfer your bonus to another GLO customer? Yes, you can.

On this tariff plan, your call rate is charged by 67k/s for both on-net and off-net calls. and your bonus doesn’t expire until 60days after recharge. You can also enjoy this plan while still on Jollof, Biggy and IDD packs.

Now, let get you to know how to lay your hands on this crazy offer.

Migration code for GLO jollific8

The only code you need to get into this plan is to get a new GLO sim card, Register, activate it, and yes! you are in.
You are ready to enjoy the 8 times bonus!.

But when you are about to recharge, recharge with *123*PIN# and you will be automatically given THE 8 TIMES BONUS!

  • dial #122# to check for voice bonus
  • dial *606# to check for data bonus
  • dial *606#, then follow the prompts to transfer your data to any GLO number.


The GLO twin bash which offers a #1,200 worth of benefits for every #200 data recharge, is truly working.

This is for you if you want loads of data to carry out various internet activities, as customers who recharge #200 airtime for data are given 200mb data which worth #800, another #200 air bonus to call 10 family and friends numbers. so the customer gets #1,200 value in total for just #200 recharge for data, which is valid for 4 days.

Also, when you recharge with #500, you get 500mb data, #500 airtime to call and send sms to all network, plus #500 airtime to call 10 family and friends. this valid for 7 days.
You get even more, when you recharge with #1000, by receiving #1000 free airtime to call and send sms to all network and #1000 free airtime to call 10 family and friends numbers, this will be valid for 15 days.

Code For Glo Twin Bash

Just dial *223*recharge pin# to enjoy.


This is my best GLO tariff plan ever!.
With zero charges and low call rates, I am able to talk on and on with my clients as a writer.
Being on this plan, you are able to call from GLO to GLO lines at a “dwarf charge” of 12k/s.GLO to other networks at the same charge, calls between GLO bounce subscribers is charged at “an atom” charge of 5k/s, while customers on the campus zones enjoy 5k/s on calls to all GLO customers after making the initial minute at #40, also free night calls from 12:00 a.m to 4:59 a.m after the usage of #30 worth of airtime between 12:01a.m to 11:59a.m.

That is not all, you also get FREE 30MB of data for recharging #200 and above which valid for 7 days.
You won’t be given the 30mb if you recharge electronically. You also enjoy the free ring back tune for one month, free sms for every charged sms which is charged at the low rate of #4.00 to all networks and #10/sms to all international lines, but #3.00 to other GLO bounce customers.
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Migration code For Glo Bounce

  • dial *170*4# then SEND to migrate
  • dial *170*9# then SEND to be on the CAMPUS ZONE
  • dial #122# to check data balance
  • dial #124*1# to check account directly.


This plan gives you double your daily usage back the next day. With no conditions attached, you get twice what you use today back tomorrow. So, the more you use today, the more that awaits you tomorrow.

Migration code For GLO FREE TOMORROW

Just dial *300# and SEND, then you are there.


This tariff plan is for everyone!. As every customer on the gbam plan enjoys free data, low call rates, low SMS rates, free night calls, Sunday talk express promo benefits, and more.

Features of the Glo Gbam Plan

  • On the gbam plan, on-net call rate is 15k/s,
  • Family and friends rate is 9k/s and also to 5 special GLO numbers,
  • Off-net call rate is 15k/s,
  • On-net SMS is #4/sms,
  • Off-net SMS is #4/sms,
  • International SMS is #10/sms.
  • You enjoy FREE 5MB daily for browsing which is valid for 24hours.

How To Migrate To Glo Gbam

For glo subscribers who intend to migrate to gbam tariff, you can do easily by following the steps below:

  • dial *100*5*1# then SEND to migrate.
  • dial *101*1*number# to add the 5 special numbers
  • dial *101*2*existing special number* new special number#, to modify special numbers.

If you are an existing gbam subscribers, feel free to tell us what you think it in the comment box below


GLO generation G is the plan that comes with amazing packages and fantastic call rates.
Switching to this tariff plan makes you stand to enjoy offers like;

  • 50% bonus on recharge of #100,
  • 100% bonus on recharge of #200,
  • 200% bonus on recharge of #500 upward!.

You also enjoy discounted campus zone rates, discounted peeps rate to other G generation members, free 15MB on every recharge of #200 and above, and UNLIMITED SMS.

Migration code For Glo Generation G

Just dial *170*5# to join this plan.

So, don’t wait any longer, pick any one of the plans that suit you and get started.

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