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Best Offline Strategy Games For Android & PC

Now that we have a lot of strategy games flowing from different game developers into the game industry, it can get really difficult to find the ones that can get you glued to your phone for as long as you want, while giving you more than the satisfaction you can ever want from strategy games offline.

What if you have all the best strategy games on your mobile device or your PC which are not only free to download, but you can also play these strategy games offline?  Playing strategy games offline will not only save you from wasting your precious data on playing them online but also stop poor internet connection from making smash your phone on the wall out of frustration, I have had the urge to do it many times.

The offline strategy games I have selected here for you are not just the most played strategy games offline but are also the best among the newly released with amazing graphics and themes. These offline strategy games will work perfectly on your Android and iOS devices, they will demand your full attention, and all the thinking you need to beat your opponent. Read on.

The 10 Best Offline Strategy Games

War Inc

Playing strategy games offline is better than playing them online because you can play them anytime and anywhere. War Inc is a Freemium strategy game with a powerful upgrade, great gameplay, massively multiplayer, powerful commanders, and gripping single-player campaign.

Get ready to plan, train, play, and defeat your foes in the modern combat. War Inc allows you to hire fierce commanders to train and build your army with the money you earn from each war. Your army includes a set of Scorpion Tanks, Walkers, heavy machines, fast-spaced marines, and snipers.

After many complaints by players around the world about the unavailability of War Inc on Google play store, it is now available for download for every Android device users.

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within, since 2012, has continued to beat other strategy games down the leaderboard of the best strategy games offline. The option menu is so long that you can get the names of your soldiers, their abilities, your enemies, missions, maps, and a lot more to add to your fun. Have you played Enemy Unknown? Did you like the graphics?

Enemy within will keep demanding all your attention, strategic skills, and your guts. The multiplayer mode will also allow you to compete with friends who automatically become your foes on the field, as you continue to build your soldiers against theirs in this new brain buster game that keeps you playing among other strategy games offline.

Cards and Castles

Cards and Castles is the best combination of CCGs and tactical Games, just the most suitable among other strategy games offline. You are on a journey to destroying your enemy’s castle by collecting cards using the multi-function deck.

There are powerful spells, different enchantments, buffs, fully controllable units, and loads of abilities you can put on your side against your enemy. You can destroy your opponent’s base by creating strategies, abilities, and spells with the cards you collect.

The developer has taken enough time and cares to give it the most appropriate graphics. Read on.

Star Command

You know how HD games give you the real world experience, Star Command is just another of those strategy games offline to never keep off your phone. Star Commands challenges you into the world of starship with much of excitement to thrill you.

Your ship will have to be continually upgraded to overcome armies of aliens in the galaxy. With some of your crews having science skills, some with ship engineering, and tactical combat, you will have to defend your ship from being overtaken by the powerful aliens.

The aliens are so annoying, they will do all they can to destroy your ship with their guns, but you have got sentry guns to challenge and stop them. If any of your crew dies, you can bring them back to life, you can also revive the dying soldiers to keep your team alive. You like to play strategy games offline? This is the best.

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Kingdom Rush

This one reminds me of the famous Lord of the Rings epic war game. Kingdom Rush is here with a lot of rushing enemies ready to fall the walls of your kingdom. Can you withstand the forces of evil wizards, hordes of orcs, and trolls?

This epic journey will bring you more than you have bargained for. With so many spells at your command, and powerful arsenals with you, you will fight through the thick forests, the Westland, and around the mountains. Customize your own defensive strategies; build different towers with high walls, get reinforcements, face legendary monsters and warriors with your customizable troops.

Rain fire on your enemies and send them back to their hidings. The graphics are well-designed and will almost confuse you that the best way to have fun is to play strategy games offline. The option menu is also long, so you can make your desired customization.

You can break your troops into different sectors and fight the monsters in groups, you can also bring your troops together to fight as one, and you can have an open fight or decide to fight behind your thick walls.

Plants vs. Zombie

Alright, this one is not one of those battle or epic strategy games, but it is an award-winning action strategy dark adventure where you empower your plants by feeding them with plant food. There are great and yet hilarious zombies everywhere for you to overcome, but with your armies of plants you will protect them from your brain.

Apart from winning an award last year, Plant vs. Zombie 2 is now one of the most downloaded games on Google play store. You won’t stop playing strategy games offline as you find yourself wanting more of its kind.

The Battle for Polytopia

I learnt that the more I play strategy games offline, the more I get drawn to them, but not as I got drawn to this one. The Battle for Polytopia comes with a journey full of adventure; here you rule the world by discovering new tribes, fighting all of their evils and getting new knowledge of technologies.

With the use of a map which you generate automatically, you are able to locate different tribes, struggle through the cold dark forests in the tribe of Barduria, and make a lot of exploration in the jungles.

This game will begin to scare you as you play from tribe to tribe, but you will keep moving if you have the guts to take down all the beasts on the way.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach will let you use your brain and brawn to conquer the powerful Blackguard. You have a lot of rescue missions ahead of you, as you invade the enemy bases, set the prisoners free, and return them back to their islands, but you won’t be able to do it easily all by yourself, without creating your task force around the world with other players to overcome your enemies.

If you like to play strategy games offline and you want to have the experience of the beach as you do so, with a lot of adventure on the way.

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Be the hero you want to be and save your people in this RPG. The strategies you make, each choice you make decides the fate of your people, and can you give all it takes to be the hero they need?

In Banner Saga, you leave your home, journey through the thick and thin, and lead your people back home. But you have to use your caravan well; you must control your caravan cross different environments, control them to fight against deadly enemy clans and well-equipped soldiers.

If you are lucky enough to save your people, then you must be ready to use every tactic at hand to defeat the enemies, and protect your people from getting harmed during the fight. The mode option gives you two options of either playing alone or with your friends in the multiplayer mode.

Banner Saga is available for every iOS and Android device users on Google Play Store. It is a free-to-play game, and you don’t have to pay for the download.

Plague Inc

Whether you are making a list of the best strategy games offline or the ones you can play online, your list is never complete without Plague Inc. Developed to stand out among other strategy games offline, Plague Inc pushes you to fight against the world.

Will you be able to create the best plague to bring an end to humanity? Will you be able to defend yourself by adapting to whatever they do to attack you to? Then you are ready to get into this addictive game and show the world its woes.

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