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Best Offline Car Racing Games

Car racing games are not only fun but have been psychologically proven to be brain boosters, due to the fact that they task the intellect of the players, making them fully active, and making them more conscious in the mind and in their inner selves.

I regret using the article “them” instead of “us” because I am a big fan of car racing games too. But what about when we are not able to access the internet, perhaps one of those times when the internet connection is poor, and it gets really frustrating playing them online?

That is why I have got us the best offline car racing games in 2022. After reading a lot of reviews from different most trusted game shops on these offline car racing android games, and after having them played myself, I found out they are not the only action-filled, suspenseful, fun-filled, but also keeps the players playing forever. Read on please.

10 Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android & IOS

Here are the ten best offline car racing games you should download on your android, IOS or PC.

Asphalt 8: AIRBONE

When it comes to games that keep players playing from dawn to night, give the credit to Gameloft. Adding Asphalt 8: AIRBONE to their list of offline car racing android games is indeed a challenge to every other company in the game industry. With a list of over 160 speedy cars which you can add to your car collection, and the ability to upgrade them, and even paint them, this is a masterpiece from Gameloft.

This is not just a five minutes drive around the suburb; there are loads of obstacles on the multiple routes in each location. With each of the super-powered cars, you can perform a lot of tricks in the air and on the ground; tricks like corkscrews and flat spins will keep you playing, and each stunt you perform powers your nitro tank.

You may decide not to drive around the 15 locations (each of them having at least 42 circuits) alone, along with other cars, you can race from Patagonia to Dubai; this is the classic race mode. There are also other options that keep you going like the multiplayer option, the limited time special events, tag racing, high-speed demolition derby in knockdown, and more. Read on for another of the best offline racing game of the year.

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Need for speed: No limits

Coming from the developer of the widely played game “The Sims”, Need for speed: No limits is among the most played offline car racing game developed by Firemonkeys studios but published by the popular Electronic Arts.

It is among the best free-to-play racing video games available for Android and iOS phones on Google Play store. As the second free-to-play of the franchise and the first original title made for mobile devices by the franchise, Need for speed: No limits is a race around different locations with the most powerful cars.

You are ready to drain all your juices, as you race with other high-speed cars. This is one of the most addictive car racing games since 2015.

Real Racing 3

I know you want the best car racing games, and you want the ones you can play anytime, anyhow, and anywhere. Among the not so bad offline car racing games is Real Racing 3. I play it everytime on my samsung galaxy s7 phone.

It is the third installment from Electronic Arts for Android, iOS, BlacBerry 10 and Nvidia devices. If you want to have a real-world car race on your mobile phones and PCs with over 200 licensed nitro cars from different manufacturers, Real Racing 3 will give you all the fun.

You want to race with all of the top cars from Ferrari, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Ford, Porsche, Audi, Bugatti and Lamborghini? Real racing 3 is beyond your expectations as it requires you to service your cars and give them the required maintenance.

Horizon Chase

You may want to race with cars, winning different trophies and all the money prizes. Horizon Chase developed and published by Aquiris Game Studio is another of the video offline car racing games that got the best reviews in 2022.

In this 3D game, you get behind over 24 sports cars, hit the roads of different locations, throw your opponents behind you, and pick up bags of money prize on the way to upgrade your cars even on the go. There are just five circuits available in the free mode which can give you enough fun, but if you want to have all of the fun from the app itself, a quick in-app purchase is not difficult to do.

If you have played the popular game “Relic Run” and you enjoyed the graphics, well Horizon Chase is here with jaw-dropping graphics that gets you completely into the game. Horizon Chase can be easily navigated on mobile phones and PCs.

Hovercraft: Takedown

Without Hovercraft, the collection of offline car racing games on your PC or mobile phone is not enough to give you a real-world car racing. Available for Android and iOS devices, this game is highly addictive, action-filled and challenging.

How will you feel behind the wheels of cars you designed yourself? Hovercraft allows you to customize your cars, equip them with weapons you can use against other cars in the race. The roads are well-designed, colorful, amazing and entertaining.

Developed by High Score Hero, it is among the best since 2016. It supports a range of languages; English, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Japanese and even more, so you can play in your preferred language.

Breaking through rocks, smashing enemies’ cars into pieces with lasers, missiles, and guns, makes Hovercraft: Takedown action game of the year.

Thumb Drift

Here is the number six on my list of the best offline car racing games. If you want to race alone and still keep it fun, Thumb drift is the game you need.

Here, you get to drift through obstacles with different stunts behind over 60 cars. Whether you an iOS or Android device user, you can play thumb drift.

FRZ Racing

Not every 3D graphics games are cool, and not every 2D graphics games are bad, and FRZ Racing is among the most played offline car racing games of all time. Coming from SixMinute Studio, a former member of PopCap Games, FRZ Racing is a wheel-screeching arcade-style that allows you to race around the world just on your screen.

You don’t just get to race here; you create, chase, destroy, win, and fight your way to the top of the leader board. With an almost limitless ability to create different cars of your choice, ranging from rubber wrecking sharks to super speedy cars, you leave your competitors behind either destroyed or eating the dust from your tires.

From my experience as a car racing games pro player, I find the challenging games fun than the less challenging, and this is just among the most challenging ones. The more money points you make from each race, the more you spend on creating new cars, the more your competitors get powerful.

So it’s beyond the road, there are other activities off-road that determines your position on the leader board. FRZ Racing is available on iOS and Android devices.

Angry Birds Go!

Everybody loves Angry Birds games, and I never thought there was ever going to be a racing game to the series, until it got released on December 11, 2013. Co-developed by Exient Entertainment and Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds Go! Is a kart racing game where you can choose your driver, and convert your cart into an outstanding vehicle.

The packs of power-ups like Shields, missiles, and turbo will remind you of the wildly and widely played Mario Kart. Whether an iOS or Android device user, you can race offline and even compete with your friends online.

Colin McRae Rally 04

Have you played Colin McRae Rally 3? Well, Colin McRae Rally 04 is here and better. The rallies are divided into six stages, with each of the stages taking up to six minutes to complete when at high speed.

This is one of the most interesting drive-alone offline car racing games that require full attention and speed. If you are one of those who gets mad behind the wheels then this is not for you, as your car gets damage along the roads, and you will only be able to perform a repair after the completion of two stages.

F1 2016

This is the last on my list of the most played offline car racing games. F1 2016, being the eight in the F1 franchise, was published by Codemasters, distributed Square Enix, developed by Codemasters Birmingham and released on November 10, 2016, for iOS, Android, and tvOS.

Standing out among the best on-track racing games since 2016, F1 2016 was developed to target every car racing games fan. Allowing for the creation of Avatar within the career mode, players are able to create their own character and get cruising through the real world car racing.

This game can be easily downloaded on google play store.

Other offline car games worthy of checking out are csr racing, beach buggy and horizon chase world tour

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