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Having trouble migrating to an Airtel tariff plan? You don’t know what plan will be best for you as a new customer?
You want the BEST plan for your business? or The best plan that offer free browsing?  Plan that gives you the chance to talk more and pay less? Don’t know how to migrate to a certain tariff plan?.

Airtel, being the best Android, iphone, ipad, PC and Windows data bundles provider in Nigeria, had provided alot of benefits through its mind blowing tariff plans to customers, and which continue to be the reason why old customers can’t leave, and new customers are flowing in. with great offers which every tariff plan offer, airtel’s customer rate is on the increase.

It is so unfair when you have been hearing things like, “Airtel gives me loads of bonus” or ” this plan enables me to talk on and on with few payment” or ” I have been posting those cool pictures on instagram with airtel’s free data”, without being able to say the same. But don’t despair, you are going to sing the same song or a better one after READING THIS TO THE END, as it entails every airtel best tariff plans and their migration codes. Just make sure you read this carefully and you will thank me later.


The Airtel smartTrybe tariff plan a.k.a airtel night plan is just hot, I’m sure you don’t want to miss out of the loads of bonus this new amazing plan that gives. This plan gives you unlimited free access to the internet, so you can browse on and on, download, upload and much more FOR FREE. You are ready to enjoy unlimited offer after making your first 2 minutes call of the day at the rate of 40k/s. Here, in the smartTrybe, you call other smartTrybe members at a flat rate of 11k/s , you get free access to whatsapp, twitter, facebook and bbm. What more could you ask for?, you also send 5 sms at the cost of 2 sms, you get 15MB! data each week you recharge JUST #200, is that not just enough?. Then, Airtel smartTrybe also let you call all networks in Nigeria at the rate of 11k/s, while you call other airtel numbers that are not on the smartTrybe plan at a rate of 20k/s. The airtel smatTrybe also works on modem. So, just go ahead and migrate if you want to enjoy this amazing benefits.

Migration code for AIRTEL smartTRYBE

Dial *312# and SEND to migrate to the Airtel smartTrybe plan
or Text YES to 312 or just dial *312*1# and you are good to go!


You can call this plan, the junior of THE AIRTEL SMARTTRYBE, but this a little bit different in both features and migration. Targeted to the young people, the smartTrybe junior comes with amazing features. You must have heard of the SmartTrybe junior App; an educational solution which makes learning fun for children in primary and secondary school with its 3D interactive multimedia-based learning environment.
Here are the features of the smartTrybe junoior tariff plan; Free calls & sms to mum and dad for kid’s line, 10% bonus of airtime transferred to kid’s line when parents recharge, 100% bonus on data purchases from 200mb and above, NERDC approved courses presented in formats that make learning fun for kids. Airtel call to all network is charged at a rate of 20k/s, calls to top 5 international lines such as US, Canada, UK fixed line, India and China, are charged at a low rate of 15k/s, Local sms charged at #2/sms, International sms is being charged at the rate of #15/sms, Parents, Family & Friends calls are charged at a peep rate ofb11k/s, and family & friends sms charged at a little rate of #2/sms.
To enjoy this offer, you will have to make an initial 1 minute call, which is charged at a rate of 40k/s.

Migration code for AIRTEL smartTRYBE JUNIOR

Dial *317# and SEND to migrate.
Dial *317*200# to subscribe for the family and friends bundle.


With this 8 times bonus plan, Airtel was able to draw more customers in. moreover, who will want to miss out of the goodies in this amazing plan?. on the airtel smart connect plan which is for prepaid customers, customers have access to 100% data bonus on all recharges plus 8 TIMES airtime bonus.
This is it, when you recharge with #100, you get #100 as a bonus credit-voice, #250 as a bonus credit-data, #250 as a bonus credit-family and friends, #100 as a bonus credit-Whtasapp,facebook,twitter and BBM. so your total credit on every #100 recharge is #800. and you know what?, the more you recharge, the more bonus you get.
You can’t wait to join this plan right?

Migration code for AIRTEL SMART CONNECT

There is no code for migrating to this plan, all you need to do is; Get a new Airtel sim card, Register and activate, Insert the sim card and recharge.


This revolutionary package comes with 15k/s peep rate to all network with no access fee.
SmartTrybe members , which are prepaid customers, are able to call all networks in Nigeria at rate of 15k/s and also make international calls at 20k/s to USA, Canada, China, India and UK landlines.

Migration code for smartVALUE PLAN

Simply dial *314# and SEND to migrate.


Here is another airtel’s amazing tariff plan. On the smartPREMIER plan, customers are able to make calls to all networks in Nigeria at a peep rate of 11k/s after the 1st minute of the day which is charged at a rate of 40k/s the same for calls to UK landlines, US, India, Canada and China. Also here, customer enjoy free calls while roaming for up to 500minutes/month and up to 150mb free data bonus . This offer is opened to all Airtel customers, both existing and new.

Migration code for smartPREMIER PLAN

Just dial *318# to start enjoying this cool plan.


Now, Airtel smartTalk 2.0 is just the cheapest call tariff plan ever. Read on and you will surely agree with me. Subscribers on this plan are enjoying cool stuffs like;
Calling all Nigeria networks at a cheap rate of 11k/s after the very 1st second, for a daily access fee of #5 charged on the 1st call of the day. Customers on the smartTalk plan are able to make International calls to USA, Canada, China, India and UK landlines at the rate of 20k/s.
Just want to get right into this CHEAP CALL TARIFF PLAN right?, here you go.

Migration code for AIRTEL smartTALK 2.0

Just dial *315# and SEND. or text YES to 315.
and YES you are ready to enjoy unlimited calls.

So those are the Airtel’s MOST BIGGEST TARIFF PLANS EVER, just choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

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